Dr. Richard Veleta Talks Intermediate Repertoire


What a treat, for my first interview, to spend time with the incomparable Dr. Richard Veleta, my own former piano teacher!  Dr. Veleta welcomed me into his home studio, where we sat at the piano and chatted about intermediate repertoire.  He played a number of examples, which was a delight for my ears, and then we improvised.  He played grandly and I tried to keep up!  A pearl from our interview: “The best intermediate literature was written by first-rate composers who had children–and liked them.”

Click on the above for Dr. Veleta’s handout!



  1. Jason Schafer-Valerius

    Excellent pearls from a master. I especially enjoyed the improvised finale. Nice work! Would love to hear more pearls in the future from this particular oyster!

  2. Joan Jennings

    Dr. Veleta! What a gem of a podcast to find while searching Dr. Veleta! My piano teacher, advisor and hero a long time ago! All of my students know the name, “Dr. Veleta”. This podcast brought back so many memories and assurance that his sense of humor, laughter and insight lives on!

    Thank you Joy and I look forward to many more!

    Joan West Chester Graduate 1980

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