Dr. Patricia Powell, Pedagogy Guru

What a fantastic time I had chatting with Dr. Patricia Powell about pedagogy, her life as a college professor, and more!  Dr. Powell has served as the guru of countless teachers and players, myself included.  She can most often be found at West Chester University, where she directs the Piano Pedagogy department; she also serves MLMTA as the facilities coordinator.

Dr. Powell has an infectious enthusiasm for music and teaching, and I hope her story is an inspiration to you as it has been to me.

A link: ABRSM Music Theory Practice Papers

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  1. Susan Koenig

    Joy & Patricia,

    Thoroughly enjoyed this and it brought back some very happy and meaningful memories of my time in pedagogy with Patricia at WCU. Her joy and enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and she is chock full of great ideas.

    Would you mind sharing the “parameters” for your beautiful little improvisation at the end?

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